Ginny and Severus

Proudly Proclaiming the Love Shared Between the Potions Master and his Pupil

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Shipping Severus and Ginny
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We are proud to present the first ever Snape/Ginny community to hit the livejournal world.

Feel free to post anything that meets the subject of our favourite ship such as icons, fan art, fanfiction, news, ideas, questions and discussion.

However, there are a few


1. Please keep your posts on topic- meaning, they must pertain to Ginny and Snape.

2. Please use proper grammar. Don't hurt our eyes.

3. Please treat other members of the community with respect. We do not want any drama.

4. Spoilers must go under a cut and warning.

5. If you intend to post three or more icons, please use a cut.

6. If you are posting a fan fiction please use the following format:

Title of Fic:
Author Name:
Chapter #: (If it's one-shot or completed, state that)
Category: (Romance, Angst, Comedy, etc.)
Rating: (P, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)

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